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Ernie & Jason Couch
Revival Concert


Ernie & Jason Couch have always strived to present gospel music in a fun, honest, and heartfelt way. Their blend of traditional overtones with new and innovative sounds has lead listeners to refer to the group’s style as “Americana Gospel.” Their personal and unique musical blend of the past and the present has a way of appealing to listeners of all ages.

Over the last 28 years Ernie and Jason Couch have traveled thousands of miles together across the United States and Canada, appearing at concert halls, churches, fairs, corporate events and festivals. These two relate well to the audience and make sure everyone feels welcome and a part of the music and message. They always try to present a high energy, entertaining program, featuring good material, good stage presence, and good interaction with the audience. It is always their goal to present a classy program worthy of the subject matter they sing about.

EC&JC strive professionally to offer diversity in their music and performance, reaching out to all musical tastes. This is evident in the many opportunities they have had to work with others in various genres of music ranging from George Beverly Shea to George Jones, from Petra to Boots Randolph, or Jake Hess to James Earl Jones, to name a few. Ernie and Jason are professional and genuine. They make sure both aspects are in their music and presentation.

For more detailed information on Ernie or Jason Couch and their involvement in gospel music over the years, please visit their website:

Ernie & Jason Couch Revival.

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